Tuesday 20 May 2014

I Murdered My Library - Linda Grant

One of the most brutal and distressing essays about the change from printed books to ebooks I've yet to come across; this sums up what it really means to be someone who's books take over their lives. If like me, and like Linda Grant, you can trace important events of your life by the books that you read; and if you are fighting a constant battle to maintain control of your book heaps this is something you need to read. Grant perfectly describes the sense of security that is found in being surrounded by books, and the physical need to aquire and read as many as you can. Certainly this is something I am able to relate to. The whittling down of her library is distressing, and again I could relate to the feelings expressed here on having your library forcably broken up. I genuinely found this distressing to read, and found myself looking around at my overflowing bookshelves and heaps and almost reassuring them that they are safe............
It seems almost ironic that this has been produced as a Kindle Short.

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