Monday 22 January 2018

2018- A Whole New Year

So last year was busy... stupidly busy. I started the year with such good intentions but two hours commute each day on top of often 12 hour work days was just too much and something had to give. What gave out was my ability to post stuff on here.
Towards the end of the year though, I had a wee bit of news. Husband was posted again and a big old move was on the cards. This resulted in a manic few months trying to get everything sorted, lots of emotional moments at work and at home and insane numbers of boxes required to pack up books. With Christmas to work through, our car written off just before Christmas (A big shout out to the idiot who drove into the back of us on the M25), most of the house to pack and a job refundable holiday to get packed for... not to mention a new job to get lined up for the post move time... I have been slightly stressed. We are at the point of almost being sorted now.
Leaving work was emotional... but on my final day I got the brilliant news that my promotion and transfer was a go... such a massive relief! I had a further couple of manic days packing and cleaning the old house and have a couple more to look forward to at the end of the month, but right now we are Half way through our holiday... Now I finally feel as though I have relaxed and it is wonderful!
I have so many plans for the new job, The new house and for my reading year. I should be able to get down to mainly 10hr working days and have a mere 20 minute commute so yay!
So far I have been quite busy skiing so haven't been reading as much as I sometimes do on these holidays... A lack of injury (touch wood) leads to more skiing and less reading. Today though the 60cm snow that fell overnight and high winds made going out to the mountain a big fat nope so the day has been spent reading through some of my reading heap. It has been good.... and I have reviews to follow.

It is a whole new year everyone!