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White Truffles in Winter - N.M. Kelby

Maybe it is the cold I am recovering from, maybe I am just a little bit slow on the uptake today; whatever the cause I did not immediately make the connection between the gorgeously sensual descriptions of fabrics, scents and meat found in 'The Pink Suit' by Nicole Mary Kelby, and the utterly delectable narrative centred around French cuisine from her earlier work 'White Truffles in Winter'. I had half decided to use White Truffles as one of my recommends for Pink Suit, but penny didn't drop that the authors were one and the same until I was reading the blurb having finished the novel proper. 
In honour of some quite exceptional writing I have decided to post my original review of White Truffles here. I read the book back in June 2012.
'Part novel, part memoir, part recipe book, this is a lovely story well told. Brings to mind some of the best novels of Joanne Harris. Reading this book will make you want to cook!
Historically the facts behind the book are true. Auguste Escoffier was a historical character responsible for much of what we would recognise about the modern restaurant experience. His recipes do indeed include many we would recognise today as absolute classics; such as two created for Dame Nellie Melba- the Peach Melba, and Melba Toast. He also was involved in scandal at the Savoy, followed by the opening of the Ritz Paris, and the the Carlton in London. All the facts are there including his probable affair with the 'Divine Sarah'. Wrapped around these bare facts is a quite lovely story that will draw you in and make you want to sample the tastes described.
Really quite a delight to read.'


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