4th April 2017

Almost three years on from my last post here.... wow hasn't time flown. My 2014 total got up to 216 while I managed 214/175 in 2015. In 2016 I was pretty damn busy and had a target of only 175, which I managed to fly past, getting up to 211. This year I am aiming for 175, and have so far read through 50. Let's see how I get on for the rest of the month....

21st April 2014

Two months on from my last post on this page and despite a slow old month on the reading front 200 seemed like a rather paltry figure. I'm reading books 92,93 and 94 right now so figured that I needed to up my overall target. This is now set at 210 books for the year, let's see how I do with this now. :) Depressingly changing my target suddenly makes me only 2 books ahead of target so I really had better get reading hehe...

21st February 2014

Haha have just read my 50th book of the year, a good old classic and firm favourite The Scarlet Letter. I may have to reconsider my overall challenge for the year, suddenly 200 books doesn't seem like all that many.

15th January 2014

Time for an update on this year's challenges I think. So far I am making good progress on my general challenge. I've read 21 of the 200 books I plan to get through during 2014. This is 11% of my total challenge and puts me 11 books ahead, if goodreads is to be believed. I've also had a look and this is 5623 pages read so far this year (give or take the ones I've read in books as yet unfinished....)

I have also read 15 books towards my New Authors challenge, so I may have to rethink my limit on this one, evidently I will complete it pretty soon otherwise.

Sadly I have yet to make any real headway into my SF/Fantasy challenge, I have the books on the heap but simply haven't got round to reading them yet. Oh well it is only January, I still have time :D

I have also set myself the minor work related challenge of reading every single on of the book club and book of the month titles I can get my hands on.... Luckily I've already read a fair few of the ones from the first set for this year so I am off to a swinging start with this one.

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