Saturday 8 March 2014

The Lemon Grove - Helen Walsh
A great summer read here, one that feels like it has been released a few months too early maybe. Jenn and Greg are enjoying their annual holiday at their beloved Villa Ana. They have had a week of lazing in the hot Mallorcan sun, enjoying the food and drink and making the most of a week of freedom away from the responsibilities of home.
  It is clear that theirs is not a perfect relationship, there are obviously some underlying issues between them. These are never made totally clear but the relationship between Greg and his daughter, Emma, is evidently a source of tension. Jenn doesn't seem to be able to forget that she is only the stepmother and there is some evidence of Jenn's passive aggressive tendencies when she feels threatened by Emma.
  For the second week of the holiday Emma is flying out with her new boyfriend Nathan. Emma has been reluctant to leave him at home, and Jenn was persuaded to convince Greg that bringing her boyfriend on holiday was a good idea. Nathan proves to be a manipulative character, but also deeply attractive and more attentive than Greg something that proves to be irresistible for Jenn. Soon she is caught up in an erotically charged nightmare where she competes with her step daughter to win Nathan's attention.
  This is a novel that works very well as an enjoyable light read, the whole thing flows well and contains enough to keep you engaged. It really will make a perfect holiday read, the story is complex and steamy enough to provide a good escape from reality but is light enough to be something you can read while lounging in the hot sun. The ending is especially enjoyable it is left wonderfully open, we can only speculate how the next few days will unfold for Jenn and Greg.

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