Tuesday 1 April 2014

March 2014......

 Well it has been rather a dark month for my reading, I've had a few great crime novels to dip into, the brilliant new James Smythe, the start of what looks like an amazing new SciFi series in Red Rising, as well as the return of Adolf Hitler in the much anticipated (by me at least) Look Who's Back. I can't say which of these lovely things has been my highlight for the month, although I am thinking that I maybe need to have a lighter month in April. I can tell you now that my reading is likely to be sporadic for the first couple of weeks, sadly real life is going to interfere with my literary one for a short while. But I will do my best to get back on track as soon as I can. Thanks to my contacts and my inability to stop buying books, I have a good supply to entice me back to the the delights of reading once other distractions are out of the way.
Anyway, as a recap for my challenges, a quick count tells me that I have read my way through 30 books this month, which is a respectable figure I think. It puts my grand total for the year so far at 83, so I am well on my way to smashing my target of 200. I am still considering upping this one, but we shall have to see how April and May pan out. My aim to read at least 25 new authors has long been broken despite the number of books I have read this month by authors I was already familiar with. I'm not sure if next year I should aim for reading authors from unusual countries instead as maybe that would be more of a challenge. The only aim that I am not doing too well towards is my SF classics one, I'm afraid I still have a nice little heap of these building up but I will get around to them with any luck over the next couple of months.

During March I have been sent or purchased a mere 72 books, not that many for me I'm afraid. I have read twelve of these this month, the rest of what I have read this month arrived in either January or February, so I am getting there. Now roll on April.....

books aquired in March....

Steppenwolf Hermann Hesse The Whitehall Manderin Edward Wilson
Different Seasons Stephen King Chineasy Shaolan
Just as Well I'm Leaving Michael Booth The Accident Anonymous
The Abominable Dan Simmons Vanishing Gerard Woodward
Pleasure Gabrielle D'Annunzio The View on the Way Down Rebecca Wait
The Slap Christos Tsiolkas Nagasaki Eric Faye
Unholy Night Seth Grahame Smith The Dark Box John Cornwell
Making History Stephen Fry The Strange and Beautiful Life of Ava Lavender Leslye Walton
Precious Bane Mary Webb The Walk Home Rachel Seiffert
The Machine James Smythe The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe Romain Puertolas
The Casual Vacancy J K Rowling The Copper Promise Jen Williams
The Creation of Anne Boleyn Susan Bordo The Troop Nick Cutter
A Darker Shade John-Henry Holmberg Don't Look Back Jennifer Armentrout
The Boy That Never Was Karren Perry Little Failure Gary Sheteyngart
If I Knew You Were Going to be this Beautiful Judy Chicurel Strange Bodies Marcel Theroux
The Beggar and the Hare Tuomas Kyro One Step Too Far Tina Seskis
The Broken  Tamar Cohen Adventures in the Anthropocene Gaia Vince
Death on Blackheath Anne Perry No Harm Can Come to a Good Man James Smythe
The Good Children Roopa Farooki The First World War in 100 Objects Peter Doyle
The Wrong Knickers Bryony Gordon The Long Shadow Mark Mills
The Third Tower Antal Szerb The Crimson Ribbon Katherine Clements
Oliver VII Antal Szerb Heart Bent Out of Shape Emylia Hall
The Pendragon Legend Antal Szerb Creation Adam Rutherford
Lying Under the Apple Tree Alice Munro Death of the Poet N Quentin Woolf
Let the Games Begin Niccolo Ammaniti The Miniaturist Jessie Brown
After I'm Gone Laura Lipman Ostland David Thomas
The Holy Fox Andrew Roberts The Society of Crossed Keys Stefan Zweig
Counting Sheep Philip Walling Letters from Skye Jessica Brockmole
The Carriage House Louisa Hall Decoded Mai Jia
Appetite Philip Kazan Look Who's Back Timur Vermes
I am Pilgrim Terry Hayes Black Lake Johanna Lane
Reasons She Goes Into The Woods Deborah Kay Davies Son of the Morning Mark Alder
Night Heron Adam Brookes The Awakening of Miss Prim Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera
Someone Else's Skin Sarah Hilary The Poets' Wives David Park
The Fortune Hunter Daisy Goodwin The Suicide Shop Jean Teule
Kindred Octavia E Butler The Road to Middlemarch Rebecca Mead

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