Sunday 5 January 2014

Among Others - Jo Walton

An excellent start to the New Year, Among Others is a beautifully written book about the magic that can be found all around us. I have to say that I did expect to discover that the magical events of the novel to turn out to be mainly in Mori's head, mental illness would seem to cover much of how she sees the world, but maybe that is a slightly harsh view to adopt. Certainly it is not a view adopted by Jo Walton, who continued with the far more romantic and satisfying concept that the magic was in fact real. I loved the book and have been tempted to look into other things by the author. Tooth and Claw is allegedly a novel in the style of the grand Victorian sagas, (Trollope is mentioned several times in descriptions)..... just it has a focus on a family of dragons. Needless to say this has gone on my wishlist! Walton's alternate universe trillogy the Small Change series, has been out for some time in the US, but the tiny print run for the books in the UK is now out of print, the good news is that the whole trilogy is due to be reprinted in the UK with a release date of the start of February. Farthing is the first book in the series, and I am trying to get hold of an A.R.C from the lovely people at Corsair so watch this space.

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