Friday 24 January 2014

The Foundling Boy - Michel Deon

Oh wow, what a gorgeous beautiful book. Sometimes you read something that has been translated for the first time, and you just feel so grateful for the wonderful publishing people who have dug out such a gem and brought it to a new audience; this was one of those moments. This story is touching, funny, dramatic just perfect. The translation is excellent, and the book is full of poetry and brilliance. Jean is a wonderful character, who experiences the events of the 1920s and 1930s while trying to decide on his place in the world and in his family. Reading this I kept being reminded of Fielding's Tom Jones; this book is very similar in style, plot and even in the existence of a narrator giving glimpses into action that takes place beyond the pages of the book. To say that the two have similarities, should not take anything away from this jewel of a novel. Towards the final chapters I actually tried to slow down my reading, trying to drag out the pleasure a little longer. I simply didn't want the book to end. Gallic do have the second book 'The Foundling's War' all lined up, ready to be published later on in the year, which is a good thing as it saves me having to struggle to get my French up to reading the second book in the original language!

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