Tuesday 28 January 2014

Jo Walton Goodies, Yay!

The complete set of Jo Walton's Small Change series arrived for me today, am SO excited about them...was only expecting to get the first in the series so it was a lovely surprise. They went straight to the top of the heap, even pushing Tooth and Claw down a notch. If I wasn't reading such a fascinating book already then I would probably have already started Farthing. 
As it is 'Gretel in the Dark' by Eliza Granville is proving to be pretty damn enthralling. It seems to be managing to combine elements of 'The Boy in the Striped PJs' with 'The Book of Lost Things'; maybe just a touch of 'The Book Thief' or 'Tender Morsels' whatever it is I am loving it. The setting for half the book is late 19th century Vienna which always helps. I know the city so well, and love it so much, that it is wonderful to be able to picture the places, and follow the characters as move among it's streets. It is in a similar vein to Robert Dinsdale's 'Gingerbread' and I think that if it continues to be as enticing as it has been so far then it may come close to being as good as that marvellous book. 

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