Tuesday 3 December 2013

Book Oganisation .... the endless issue.

It must be said that my bookshelves are not as organised as they could be. I do rather enjoy the mix of things that can be found on the shelves; and love the fact that the same shelf that contains Boccaccio's Decameron and Malory's Le Morte D'Arther also has books about the IRA and Yugoslav wars on it, not to mention a couple of Hardy short story collections. However there is generally at least a little method to the madness. On the whole non fiction can be found on the downstairs shelves, with books on a military theme mainly on the one, rather stocked bookcase. This is less to do with me and more thanks to the insistance of my darling other half, as he is keen that his RAF/WWII based collection all stays together. As he is so accepting of the piles and heaps of books that continuly build up I can hardly begrudge him this concession to sanity! The other section which shows clear signs of rational organisation is also thanks to him. Every book we own by Fleming is nicely catologued together, as is the Richard Sharpe series, and even the Bourne series, despite the annoyance of these books being in a range of formats. The only area where I, personally, show a similar fastidiousness is on the bookcase that can be found at the top of our stairs. This is where you would find our collection of Tolkein (even down to parodies such as Sellamillion.) as well as our books of poetry and drama. Admittedly there is going to have to be a reorganisation of this bookcase soon, we are now completely out of space here and items which are only there for the sake of asthetics, such as the hardbacked editions of Austen will soon have to decant into another bookcase. This brings us to the continual problem of my household, a new bookcase is required. I am fully aware of at least what I will be giving for Christmas, and have some expectations as to what I will receive, so I know that a new bookcase is required. Sadly this is not quite as simple as get one and stick it in, this will in fact involve a shift around of two or three cases to replace a small one with a large etc etc..... So my problem for today is..... should I start this process now? Or should I leave it for another day? I think that the answer is clear, as always in my life book rearranging wins out. ;) It does give me something to fill my time I guess.......

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  1. As an update to the above, it has just taken me two hours to get two bookcases swapped over. admittedly I was also making a note of the titles on my LibraryThing page in an attempt to keep an accurate track of what we actually have... So now to get on with something completely different I think lol