Wednesday 4 December 2013

Little Exiles - Robert Dinsdale
Another one of my five star books of 2013... this one sadly didn't seem to do as well as it deserved to. I urge everyone to read the books written by Robert Dinsdale. I have read two of his this year, with another on my 'to read before Christmas' heap, and each one has been spectacular. 'Gingerbread' is one of the best things I have read in the last decade (details of it will be posted here soon I promise). Robert Dinsdale is seriously underrated and I really hope I can do something to change that.

The paperback edition of this is published 2nd January 2014, so make it your New Year's resolution to read it everyone.
Anyway here is what I wrote about Little Exiles, which I read from 27th December 2012- 1st January 2013....

'A highly moving and thought provoking story of the 'export' of children in the mid twentieth century, from children's homes in the uk to Australia. The story follows boys transported at the end of the second world war but draws in details from other 'crusades' Also touched upon is the shameful practice of the forced adoption of aboriginal children. Beautifully written with a compelling story and believable characters, this should do very well this year.'

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