Thursday 19 December 2013

Italian Library Looted....

Have just been reading about the looting of the Girolamini library in Naples. A 16th century library was systematically stripped of it's invaluable works by the director of the library Marino Massimo de Caro. At least 500 books were sent for sale in Germany after having their recognisable bindings removed, and often after having identifying seals and stamps simply ripped out of the centuries old texts. This is just one of the innumerable batches of books that has been distributed around the world by this gang of thieves. Police now believe that around 80% of the missing books have been recovered, but that still means that 20% is still out there somewhere; and with the catalogue having been destroyed by the gang Police are unable to be totally sure what is still missing. The authorities are now forced to rely on older recollections of what should have been on the shelves of this ancient library, and to simply hope that the world of antiquarian books rallies round and is able to unearth the remaining items.

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