Sunday 2 February 2014


So the first month of 2014 has come and gone. Seemed to go pretty damned quickly if you ask me, sadly so many things didn't get done. I didn't get round to giving the spare room a tidy, I failed to complete all my sewing for the month and, more importantly, I didn't get round to reading all the books I had planned to.
As always I had my heap of books I planned to read, but others came along and jumped the queue.... damn those queue jumping books. It has to be said that usually the queue jumpers are the absolutely amazing ones; the ones that you can't believe you have never discovered until now. I had a few of these, this month. Most notably The Foundling Boy by Michel Deon and the Small Change series by Jo Walton. I still haven't managed to write my bit about the complete Small Change series so I won't say too much here, just that I am SO glad that all three books came at once. If anyone is thinking of reading them, then please make sure you have all of them before you start. They really do benefit from reading in one go.
Last month I managed to read a little more that one book a day, and judging from the heap in front of me right now, I really should keep up this pace this month. I will try to stick to my heap order this month.... not queue jumping, or at least not much :).

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