Wednesday 5 February 2014

Is Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore the best bookshop ever?
I'm sure that if you read this post then you will get some idea of my feelings on that question? But first I need to ask another....How cool is this book? That is the question that I want answered right now..... my answer; totally, absolutely and completely awesome. It is a must read for every book worm out there. I'm SO glad that it is one of the new Waterstones Book Club titles; this should give so many extra chances to push this amazing book into people's hands. The story has a little bit of everything; a secret society, the clash between new and old technology, a hint of romance, quests, impossible codes, maybe even a wizard.... OK so maybe not an actual wizard but still.....  In answer to my initial question I's say probably yes; It probably is one of the best bookshops to ever appear in print, it's up there with anything Zafron has come up with; and on top of this it has what sounds like an incredible fantasy series as a central plot feature. I am just gutted that I can't actually read The Dragon Song Chronicles now..... please, please can someone actually write that series so that I can?? Just in case there is any doubt, I loved every moment of this book, and I urge EVERYONE to get hold of a copy and to read it. Just read it in one sitting, which for me isn't saying all that much admittedly, but still I defy anyone to want to walk away from the crazy brilliance that is this book. So finally my overriding message when it comes to this particular book is.....  READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!! :)

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