Monday 17 February 2014

Happy Monday!
Happy Monday everyone, I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and managed to get some reading done. Personally I'm afraid I've not managed a huge amount. On Friday, Valentine's Day my lovely fiance gave me the perfect romantic gift, a parcel of books. How well he knows me, and what a lovely choice he made, A Spy in the House of Love and Henry and June by Anais Nin and Sexus by Henry Miller. Obviously I had to start on these right away so Saturday morning saw me reading A Spy in the House of Love. I must say that I found it an uncomfortable read in many ways. It follows Sabina as she flits between her husband and her lovers. She is constantly searching for some elusive quality that will satisfy her need for love. She knows that her lifestyle forces her to lie to her husband, and she feels guilt over this. The strain of having to be an 'actress' is constant, but she is incapable of staying constant. Her husband provides kindness, but the other roles she expects from a relationship are left unsatisfied and she feels the need to seek them in the arms of other men. I think most of us could relate to the way that she tries to convince herself of the worthiness of each of the men she has relationships with, and although it is difficult to approve of her behaviour the feelings that motivate her are easy to understand. Even though Sabrina is hardly an admirable character she is an understandably human one.

So now it'd a new week and I have to decide which sections of my heap should be attacked next; I have a fair few wonderful looking new books that I am very keen to be getting on with, as well as a rather attractive looking pile of older books that I would love to be reading right now. It seems, in fact, that I may be a little spoilt for choice. For now I will be continuing with Lauren Owen's The Quick, which so far seems to be a rather intriguing Gothic novel. As well as this I have a collection of essays by Nancy Mitford called 'A Talent to Annoy' to delve into. Can't complain about too much to read :)

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